Announce Post #3058: Starmourn Coder Position Open!

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Have you ever wanted to work on a professional MUD?

Iron Realms Entertainment is looking to hire a new part-time coder for Starmourn, our Sci-Fi MUD. In this position, you would be working with Laura Lindborg, the lead Starmourn producer. Even though your primary job revolves around code, you would be part of the visible face of the MUD to the players. Applicants need to enjoy communicating with players in addition to being a skilled programmer.

This is a good position for someone who wants to devote themselves to MUDs and game development professionally.

What skills are needed for this position? While we don't expect you to have all the following skills, the ideal candidate for Starmourn would:

- Be a coder. You don't need to be a Google level engineer, but you do need to be good at programming.

- Be currently working or running an active MUD. If you don't work on a MUD, you'll definitely need to be someone who loves to play. If you stopped playing or working on them years ago, we're not interested. We prefer to have someone with significant experience being part of a team, whether commercial or non-commercial.

- Be a fan of MUDs. That doesn't mean you played them for 2 months six years ago.

- Be a creative, disciplined, and logical thinker. Even as a coder, you will be part of the Starmourn development team. You must be able to code game design systems and also assist in creating logical systems. You need to be able to the big picture as you add these features to a game with hundreds of intertwined skills.

- Be a people person. Our players are very passionate about their games. You must be able to communicate with them in a calm, collected manner when they are upset about the latest nerf to their favorite class or system.

- Be self-motivated. You'll be working from home. You must be able to focus and get things done in that environment. We don't care where you live and we won't be telling you what hours to work. We have a couple of weekly meetings that you are required to attend with set times. Outside of that, you can plan when to meet with the producer and what times you would like to work.

- Be familiar with Starmourn or even other IRE MUDs. This would be great, and it will make getting into the code much faster. It is much easier to know what parts of the game need balance if you're familiar withallf the intricacies.

This is a part-time position and compensation is based on the candidate and their qualifications. There are opportinuties for raises and future fulltime emploryment. Employees will receive a quarterly bonus based the performance of the game. Just to reiterate, this is a parttime position and the pay will reflect that.

If you think you might be able a good candidate please send an email to with the subject line "Starmourn Coder".
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