Announce Post #2978: IRE Helper Android App

Those of you with Android devices will be excited to know we have updated the app. It has been completely rewritten. It now includes Starmourn and all known bugs are now eradicated.

You can find the app here:

If you use the app before, you will have to log back into the app again. We apologize, but there was no way to work around this in a way that made sense.

Major thank you to David Edwards who helped get this project completed. Thank you to Vadi from Mudlet who built the initial project and helped get this version rolled out.

If you find any bugs, please email us at and we will get all over them.

We are planning an iOS version if we can track down someone interested in the work.



  • One day, I too will be able to check messages on my phone the easy way.

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  • New bugs, but I'm glad it's around!

    I'll be a very happy Shulamit when mass delete is re-added!

    ...and I can read messages more recently than 2014. Might have to do with the 3.5k messages. Whoops. (I already sent a report)
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  • Does it have a dark mode?
  • Enya said:
    Does it have a dark mode?
    Yes. It currently uses the android system settings to determine if it should use light or dark mode. In a future update there will also be a toggle.
  • Huh it doesn't seem to respond to any of my system theme settings (none of which are "dark" but include such hits as "black" and "high contrast"). Guess I'll have to wait, to read messages as well.
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