Retired characters, what should I do?

Hi All,

I haven't actively played in many years. The game I played most was Lusternia as Aajen, this character. I decided to retire him and the other characters I had (great program, basically the only way I could see getting back into IRE games). Now I'm torn as to what to do now. Also anyone I played with still around? I played from release for a couple years.

Each game has pros and cons.

Lusternia: I know the early lore. I potentially still have people I knew playing. Lower population. I've seen a lot of it already, only the newer stuff would be new.

Achaea: Highest population. Flagship. Higher barrier of entry for combat. More exciting combat, for me at least. Maybe(?) people I used to play with in Lusternia play there now.

Starmourn: Lowest population, almost MKO low. Lack of depth in combat from what I can tell. Easier to make a mark. Probably won't shut down but could become abandoned wasting half of all credits there. I prefer the theme.

I'm leaning toward Achaea or Lusternia. Anyone have any input to help me decide? Just trying to push myself one way or the other and make a decision.


  • Lusternia has daily credits, and the potential to earn even more through yearly credits in an org, assuming you participate in activities that will get you rewarded.

    If retirement is important to you, I think that might be a program worth noting as well. You have the potential to earn up to 20 bound credits a day doing certain things (questing, bashing, influencing, even RPing). I can't speak for other orgs but I bet they're similar - in Serenwilde, you get yearly credits based on conflicts you participate in, designs approved through org cartels, plays performed, books written, and a few other things (those are the big general categories).

    Achaea's where I started in IRE, so I have a soft spot for them, but personally, any time I try rolling up in there, I flounder and am lost. I much prefer the vibrant and easily accessible lore Lusternia has, as well as its secrets.
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  • I was sad to see Aajen retired, so few of the true old guard left, but it's nice to see you're around and kicking! If you want to come back we'd be happy to help you back on your feet! :)

  • Ixion! Near 15 real-life years later and I still sometimes think of the fun we had in early Magnagora. I feel like I can trust you to give me a good rundown of combat, has it gotten more complicated, less? What's the state of the game? Sill enough people to have a good amount of group fighting?

    Potentially, I was going to make my new character Aajen's unrecognized bastard child since I assume Aajen would still be viewable via honors.

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    Less complicated, overall, but it may not seem that way if you weren't that familiar with bards/monks and since so much has changed. Times have changed and you can't really 1v5+ and win like you could back in the day by outplaying people. A bunch is different now mechanically. Races revamped, guilds were reduced to 3 per org, all new ones. Current alliance status is Mag/Seren/Halli vs Glom/Gaudi/Celest. Celest still reeks of 3-week old fish, though, as not all things change.

    - Overhaul a couple years ago changed a lot of things. There are much fewer afflictions than before, buffs are in a limited system so you can't scale infinitely, things were streamlined in various areas since the barrier of entry for combat was so huge.
    - Server side curing removed the need for super complex curing systems and such. It's getting finalized currently but overall it's awesome, especially for newer players.
    - Combat is low scale, but frequent. A thing called Timequakes happen every 5-7 hours and fights happen most of the time in them. Outside of that fights and other conflict stuff doesn't happen too much anymore outside of world events (ascension, worldgames, villages, etc.). Most fights are perhaps 7 on each side, plus or minus. The biggest group fights are 15-20 on each side.
    - Sea battle still sucks. Supernal/demon lord raid type stuff is almost obsolete due to low population and interest, sadly.
    - Getting demigod is trivial now with all the buffs you can get. With death karma you literally don't lose xp anymore on death.
    - Daily credits allows you to get 20 credits for free with minimum effort (couple hours or less) doing things you'd be doing most likely just playing the game. Getting currency in game is really not as hard now.
    - On the downside, warriors are long since removed from what you remember. They were re-designed for overhaul since a lot of their afflictions got removed, and they're a hot steaming pile of garbage currently. They have their uses though; currently they are pure utility/support class.
    - Envoys are changed to just be a communication channel with divine. Envoy style "Reports" are all public, anonymous, and anyone can submit a report now.

    That's a start anyway. 

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