Announce Post #2974: A Frightful Anniversary Vengeance

The Haunting is the perfect time for a vigorous game of vengeance - the parlour game of deception and horrors lurking in the depth of the night. The game played at the Haunted House is set in the times of the Vernal Wars and tells the tale of the Il'eredir tribe of practitioners of hearthcraft who have been infiltrated by a group of conjurers.

Eighteen players entered the game and only three walked out victorious. The fate of the game hung on the actions of few as tribesman after tribesman were picked off during the night. In the end, the tribe was victorious and the foul conjurers were banished.

Congratulations to Errente, Vatul, and Xis - members of the tribe - who have been awarded the prize of 500 credits split among the three of them.
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