Announce 2956: Thanks, Goals, and the Future

I'd like to start off by thanking Estarra for 15 years of building this amazing world. I spent the majority of those as a player, and was entirely enraptured by the depth of the lore and the inspiring worldbuilding that has coalesced into Lusternia. Under Estarra's hand, we've had such amazing events unfold, and areas released come to fruition. You are, and will be, missed.

That said, Lusternia is a breathing world which will continue to run. Orael and myself have been asked to take over as co-producers, and having done so, we intend to do the best we are humanly able to do. With that said, there are some statements we would like to make, and some obvious concerns we would like to address.

Lusternia as a game is about the mechanics, but Lusternia as a world is about the lore and the worldbuilding, and it is the latter which keeps people enraptured. We are aware what it looks like, having two people previously serving primarily as coders in the producer seat where a storyteller once was, in a world which was about the lore. We have many volunteers here who were involved in the creation of story and events here, including myself, and promise to you that none of us intend to let the story of Lusternia die or falter in any way.

Lusternia has had a habit of starting on new projects before the old is finished, and not refining the project due to time restraints with the new. This is a habit we wish to change, and change in the last few months has been pushed for by Orael already -- moving forward, we would see every project we put forward finished and refined before moving onto the next.

We will have a roadmap for you in the coming week. If you have any comments or concerns, please do feel free to reach out via message or email.

- Ianir and Orael
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