Statue maintenance and fixing the issues.

Statue maintenance is horrible for a few reasons. Upkeeping takes 1 marble every ~150 game months per statue. Most cities have around 250-300 statues. Enchanting statues takes around 15 minutes to do and nearly every command breaks concentration. If a city needs to replace a lot of statues, this can easily be many RL days enchanters have to take enchanting statues. So, this is what I would like to see changed:

1) A centralized location for upkeeping statues as well as instantly creating, enchanting, and affixing runes to statues. Having a command, in one room, to upkeep all statues at once would help with a lot of this. Having a command to fully create (make, enchant, affix runes) a statue without having to spend 15 minutes on each also would help greatly. Ideally, we would be able to get a listing of all statues in the city and any locations that are missing a statue as well with a command as well.
2) While more of a flavor change, having city statues have a 'default' appearance. This can be something unique to the city in question with the ability to use sketches to change the appearance of a statue (or toggle it back to the default).


  • Or perhaps a small pool of types for an org, like how each kind of druid has three randomized kinds of statue!
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    It takes 15 minutes to enchant one statue?! Crikey.
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    That was my reaction as well. And you apparently can’t talk or chat on aethers while you’re doing it because it’s a channeled action disrupted by any other action. Just lousy old-fashioned design in dire need of an update.  :o
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    Idea: make statue enchantments instantaneous, but uses charges, and you re-up charges by shoving powerstones into the statues. Statues use one charge per weave.

    Add an ability to security that spends power to upkeep all the statues in the city for 1 power per 10-12 months per statue, so long as that statue is below 100 months left. Brings these statues to 100 months.
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  • I do like the idea of generic statues. Sometimes there are just weird or unfitting statues throughout the city and spending the time the take them down is tedious.
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