Solstice 2018: Hallifax

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WARNING: THAR BE SPOILERS IN THIS HERE LOG. Seriously, it'll be more fun if you get your Hallifax solstice item first if you're going to do that at all.

(Hallifax): Alandu Windwhisper says, "Good evening, comrades!"

(Hallifax): You say, "Greetings!"

(Hallifax): Goldia (from the Air Elemental Plane) says, "Good evening."

(Hallifax): Alandu Windwhisper says, "I wonder if I might have an assistant or several for a special project?"

(Hallifax): You say, "That can be arranged. Where shall we meet you?"

(Hallifax): Alandu Windwhisper says, "In my workroom within Master Goldfeather's Gallery is quite

REMOVED: Me needing to use guess and check to find the right gallery. I totally remember which one is which, guys.

You bow respectfully to Alandu Windwhisper.
Folding his wings so he can reach them easily, Alandu Windwhisper preens his wings happily,
straightening out the disheveled feathers.

With a flourish of his arm, Alandu Windwhisper bows deeply.

(Hallifax): Alandu Windwhisper says, "I will explain when we are all here!"

Goldia inclines her head politely to those around her.

Alandu Windwhisper bows respectfully to Goldia.

Goldia greets Alandu Windwhisper with a sincere smile.
In a hushed, secretive voice, Alandu Windwhisper says, "Fair greetings, Goldia! Would you like to
help me with a special project?"

Alandu Windwhisper glances from side to side, then continues, "There are several pious beings
wandering the Beacon at present - venerators of the generators. If you can empower them to complete their prayers, I believe you will be -" He trails off, eyes sparkling, and clears his throat. "Pleasantly surprised. And, more importantly, they have the holy symbols I need to create a Solstice gift for you!"

You say, "Venerators of the Generators? A far more pleasant religious leaning than most, I suppose."
Exceptionally solemnly, Alandu Windwhisper says, "Such mysterious beings they are, and yet their
piety cannot be denied."

Alandu Windwhisper beams broadly.

Goldia's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

You say, "Is that it, then? Anything else we should know?"

Alandu Windwhisper says, "No, simply empower them and you will...get what you are looking for."

You nod your head emphatically.

You say, "Then I am off!"

Prefect Goldia says, "And, what do these beings look like?"

Removed: Wandering around, hunting for venerators.

A venerator of the generator bows their head solemnly in deep contemplation.

Draped in a thick, woolen robe of sky blue, this solemn being stands ever with head bowed, evidently in some deep contemplation of the majesty of the Beacon of Harmony. So spacious is their hood that not an inch of their face can be seen - even when they move, there is a veil of white silk that flutters to obscure them. Nor can their hands or feet be seen, for they too are enfolded in upon themselves. The appearance is a refined and respectful one, but somehow an odd one all the same.
A venerator of the generator looks relatively helpless.
He weighs about 17 pounds.
You cannot see what a venerator of the generator is holding.
It has the following aliases: venerator.

You compliment a venerator of the generator on his outstanding intellect and physique.
A venerator of the generator puffs up his chest and a crazy gleam enters his eyes as he vigorously
agrees with you that his intelligence and strength far surpass anyone else's.

The heavy robe of a venerator of the generator begins to undulate wildly, muffled squawking
emanating from it until it is thrown aside to reveal five wildly agitated...pigeons?

"statue294182"                a statue of a diaphanous dodecahedron
"bolt143717"                  a small silver bolt
"pigeon173846"                a pigeon of religion
"pigeon173887"                a pigeon of religion
"pigeon173888"                a pigeon of religion
"pigeon174030"                a pigeon of religion
"pigeon174329"                a pigeon of religion

You pick up a pigeon of religion.
As you reach out to grab a pigeon of religion, you succeed in taking hold of it for but a moment -
before the pigeon pulls back with a great squawk. You clench your fingers to keep a grip, and they
wrap around one of the bird's holy symbols - which remains clasped in your hand as the creature
flies away.


This delicate amulet is strangely formed: it has a thin chain that is too long for a bracelet, and
too short for a necklace. It bears a single charm in the shape of a jagged bolt of lightning, the
metal imbued with essence so as to make it glow ever-so-slightly. There is a gently worn shade to
the metal, as if it were old and well-used, but nonetheless carefully cared for.
It weighs 4 ounce(s).
It has the following aliases: amulet.

There's one of those for Zvoltz, Isune, Czixi, and Jadice. I foolishly forgot to log the others, but I think only the charm changes between them. Maybe someone else saved what the charms are for each?

Later, I realize I don't know how many to gather! Back to Alandu!

You say, "A strange sight, comrade. I suppose these amulets were of particular interest? How many
should I be gathering?"
Alandu Windwhisper exclaims, "I will need twenty symbols in order to create a special Solstice gift
for you!"

You say, "Twenty it is, then. Thank you."

REMOVED: A little bit of wandering around.

(Hallifax): Goldia says, "I am receiving from them...agitated pigeons. This is not an elaborate
prank, is it?"

(Hallifax): You say, "Trying catching the pigeons."

(Hallifax): Alandu Windwhisper says, "I couldn't possibly comment, comrade."

(Hallifax): Shantru Goldfeather, the Ebonwing says, "Pigeons? What are you working on, Apprentice?"

(Hallifax): Goldia says, "They flew away when I tried to catch them, as one would expect."

(Hallifax): Alandu Windwhisper says, "That surely sounds like something quite unrelated to my
project, Master. Not at all decorous. I assure you my work is very serious."

REMOVED: Me hunting for more and realizing that I seem to be capped at 15 amulets. In the time between me confirming that I am bugged and not just bad at counting and finishing the bug report, this happens:

You pause for a moment to search yourself for those amulets, which must surely be here somewhere.

Ah, there they are! Other pocket.

Removed: Me being amazed at how fast that was and going back to Alandu.

You say, "I have amulets for you!"

Alandu Windwhisper says, "This is precisely what I need! I hope you've got more where that came from. They do tend to...flock together."
Alandu Windwhisper winks knowingly.

Placing the symbol aside, Alandu Windwhisper says, "You'll have to catch more pig- er, venerators
for a snowglobe, Portius."


Alandu Windwhisper says, "Oh hey, that's plenty, Portius! Give me just a second, and I'll make your

Heading over to his workbench, Alandu Windwhisper gathers the holy symbols and carefully melts them
down with humming gemstones. The work is laborious and meticulous, but a beaming smile lights his
face the entire time.

"Voila, as they say in Delport!" Alandu Windwhisper declaims, holding out the snowglobe and
presenting it to you with a bow.
You have received a spherical snowglobe of lambent crystal as a quest reward!

You say to Alandu Windwhisper, "Thank you very much!"

In a low voice, Alandu Windwhisper says, "Now, let us say nothing of this to Master Goldfeather,

You say, "Of course not. My lips are sealed."

Alandu Windwhisper nods solemnly.

You say, "But, if you ever find yourself in need of new employment, do get in touch."

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