RPWHO - Roleplay finder


The geniuses of Lusternia admin always have something in place that the players rarely use.

If you are like me, and you love emoting, talking, and roleplaying, please! please! please! use RPWHO. You can toggle Roleplay finder on or off by simply typing RPWHO ON or RPWHO OFF. 

I love finding lovely people to roleplay with. RPWHO does this for me.  Simply type RPWHO and the following will appear: "The following players are currently seeking roleplay interaction:". Toggle it off or on, play with it and see what happens!

This roleplay finder is beautiful because all your roleplayers are generally going to be listed under RPWHO. Back in the day, I think I only saw one person on RPWHO and that was the lovely @Lendren.

If Torgaddon has to simple go up to people and accost them for conversation, he will! But RPWHO, toggling it on or off, puts you in the driver seat to tell your story! 

The commands are simple: RPWHO, RPWHO ON, RPWHO OFF.

Be the storyteller of your own character! Roleplay and have fun!

Torgaddon's Creator 


  • I've been keeping this on in the hope it will work, because I've been absent for a hot minute, as they say in the vernacular, and honestly... Amarysse needs new friends. Or enemies... Or frenemies.
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