Resistances database for hunting.

Basically, this lets you easily add and manage things you might want to hunt, probing (and gagging the output) to gather and record resistances. No more clunky hand built tables! :smiley:
the aliases are
BASH ADD <creature> [here]
(also works as ADD <creature> [here])
Probes and records a creature in the database, can also be used on corpses!
if you do LOCAL it returns everything that's been spotted in your area in a clickable list where you can enable/disable things or delete them.
If you use a search word it returns everything that contains that word or has a matching alias. (also pulled from probe)
If you give no modifiers it just shows everything in the database

Once you've added things into the database, it'll maintain a table in the variable targetList of all valid targets (according to what you've put into the database) in the room. Each entry contains the gmcp info (numeric ID, name, attributes, etc., in addition to a table of its resistances/weaknesses and a table of the aliases you can use to target it.

It doesn't handle the actual targetting, attacking or anything along those lines - That's up for you to figure out!


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    I expanded on this a bit to make it into an actual bashing system.
    it has the same syntaxes as the database itself, in addition to
    BS ON|OFF to toggle bashing,
    BASH PRIO <- works similarly to bash review, except it toggles things between low and high priority,
    there's a config script where you'd need to enter your attacks, there should be an okay explanation of the format in the comments.
    it can handle an indefinite number of attacks, and even do things like switching weapons if you have multiple sets with different damage type enhancements when the attacks are encoded properly.
    Also, minor note I forgot to include in the configs, with the kbs.raze config. set it to 'false' if you don't have a razing attack you'd like to use.
    Also, it has full wonderwand support! (Hopefully, can't really test it myself because I don't have a wand, so it might be horribly broken.)
    It's probably got lots of bugs which I haven't found yet, please let me know if you run into any!
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