Bard song timer

Does anyone know of a song timer for bards? I'm struggling to keep track of my song!

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    Its got a bard song tracker and a few other bard based echos you may find usefull.

    currently all it'll do is a big echo 30 seconds after the song is finishing.

    You need to do songstatus to make it work. This doesnt take or use balance so basically just add songstatus to all your refresh/refrain aliases. So you do like

    send ("perform song refrain;songstatus")

    also if you look there is a little bit of an if statement at the bottom

    if bashsong then
        sendAll("STRATAGEM clear")
        sendAll("sm add stand|perform refrain song|songstat|songstat")

    you may want to make a toggle alias for your different songs. Like I have one song with wyrdsong that means I'll auto refrain because its just me bashing and it doesnt matter if I use a balance ot keep the song up but I dont want to do that in combat so I just do it manually.


  • I'll upload one later on if someone hasn't done so already.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    Also have an envoy report up to deal with this so hopefully that will help in the future!
  • Veyils said:
    I'll upload one later on if someone hasn't done so already.
    Thank you, that would be awesome!
  • or if you dont want to use the autobash thing just take that out
  • @Veyils thank you so much! This is really amazing and helpful. I really appreciate it :smiley:
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