Thanks for the PK

For the promotion of PK, post your happiness for amazing fights here.

Logs optional, but encouraged.


  • @Avurekhos  super exciting mage 1v1 

    (I'm the mom of Hallifax btw, so if you are in Hallifax please call me mom.)

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    @Rolsand warrior duels are really fun, thanks!
    Nodding once, a mother's kindness in Her ancient voice, Lisaera, the Hallowed Crone says to you, "And I will watch you well, little one. I admire your courage.”

    Silver crystals form in the ethereal haze of the storm glass amulet, twisting and writhing like trapped smoke, until distinct words that only you can read solidify in the cup of the chalice, "Your strength is potent and you are wise, Torgaddon, but remember to use your might to shield the weaker ones of the Serenwilde. They will need people like you to keep them safe. I watch with pride, My child."
  • I would like to thank @Enadonella and @Glomdoring for reliable raids on Nil, it's pushing a lot of people who might otherwise have no interest in combat to learn so they are able to defend. 

  • Good. I'm also available for spars or duels. Just ask me in game. :)
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