[Mafia Game] Pick Your Power Mafia: Lusternia - GG! TOWN VICTORY!



  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals

    ##Vote: Vivet

    Here we go, now!

  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.
    Lehki said:
    Okay, not spending any more time on Shaddus' rambling.

    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Night Five

    Suspicions were running high throughout the town, and accusations were tossed back and forth like lettuce leaves in a lynch-happy salad. Compared to previous days in Lusterniaville, this day proved a veritable vichyssoise of vivacious verbosity, with challenges, wild speculations, and occasional digressions thrown down like gauntlets between different townspeople. In the end, however, most of the town united in deciding to lynch Vivet, including Vivet herself. A sigh of what seemed to be relief escaped from her lips as she died, her eyes closed and her expression fixed in the faintest of smirks.


    [no flavor zone]

    Vivet, the (Very) Vanilla Mafia has been lynched.

    It is now Night Five. If your role includes Night actions, please send them to me before the end of Night. Night Five will end approximately 24 hours from now at 7:59 PM Eastern/6:59 PM Central/11:59 PM GMT on Saturday, July 15.


    Final Day 5 Vote Count

    Vivet - 4

    Shaddus - 1

    Non-Voters - 1
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    Actually, please ignore the time and date in the last Night post. Night Five will end 24 hours after whenever we can log in normally to the forums again. If nothing else, I am not relishing the prospect of typing out the Day post on my phone.

    Edit: Wow! Is logging in working now?
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  • Sorry for the triple-post, but I didn't want to take the chance that people might not see an edit on a post. Now that it looks like logging into the forums is working again (*crosses fingers and knocks on wood*), I am extending the end of Night 5 to 12:59 PM Eastern/11:59 AM Central/4:59 PM GMT on Sunday, July 16, because of the forum technical difficulties. If you have night actions to send in, please get them to me before then!
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  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    * Out Of Game Note * I verified on another computer that I can also log in after changing my password to remove disliked special characters, but it does seem to still have some other issues (still getting a Provider Not Found initially, for example).  You might want to send some people some in-game messages too and let them contact you that way just in case, because I'm guessing there will be more attempts to fix things at some point.
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    (Go town!)
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  • Day Six


    The death of the fearsome Mafioso known as Vivet left the town of Lusterniaville in a jolly mood, as the citizens became increasingly sure that they were finally ridding the town of the dangerous Mafia. When the local haberdasher, Shaddus, announced that he was throwing a celebratory tea party at his house, everyone joyously accepted the invitation. For hours on end, Shaddus was kept thoroughly busy preparing refreshments, serving tea, answering the door, and entertaining his guests as people kept showing up at his door for the tea party.


    As everyone sipped their tea and nibbled daintily on the delicate treats, they entertained each other by sharing riddles and puzzles and challenging each other to find the answer. Thinking of a good one, Shaddus spoke up. "Why is a raven like a writing-desk?"


    Everyone fell silent. While people scratched their heads in puzzlement, Shaddus heard the doorbell ringing repeatedly and went to answer it, still chuckling to himself for having stumped his guests. He opened the front door, only to see a gun muzzle pointed at his head.


    "A mad tea party, is it?" the final guest inquired. "Why wasn't I invited?"


    Before Shaddus could answer, the final guest pulled the trigger. In Shaddus' last panicked moments of life, however, he flailed his arms desperately and managed to reach toward the wall beside him. His fingers flipped a hidden switch, unleashing instant chaos.


    In mere seconds, his entire house was consumed in roaring flames as incendiary booby traps scattered throughout the rooms were activated by the hidden wall switch, setting fire to the carpets, doors, furniture, and walls. Letting out a shocked exclamation, the last guest managed to escape, as did most of the other terror-stricken attendants at the hapless, hopelessly hijacked tea party. However, one guest, Falaeron, failed to escape in time before the flames set off by Shaddus tragically claimed his life.


    [no flavor zone]

    Shaddus, the Town Mad Hatter and Falaeron, the Town Bad Santa have died.

    It is now Day Six. The Day phase will end in 55 hours on Tuesday, July 18 at 7:59 PM Eastern/6:59 Central/11:59 GMT, at which point the game will move to Night Six. Remember, the voting syntaxes are ##Vote Player and ##Unvote Player.

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  • Okay so... is there actually not an SK in this game? Was that just to throw us off? God damnit, but hey in that case I think town wins because I'm convinced it's Othero.

    We haven't found the Prince of Darkness yet, and I know that Phoebus was Copycat because of Fyler. And I hope Phoebus can believe that since Vivet was mafia, I wouldn't have picked the same number as her.

    And for whatever it is worth at this point, I also tried to pick Copycat. Since I was last, just decided to shoot for Copycat since I really had no idea what would have been picked, and hoped I could get a good role from whoever died first. I backed off of Fyler right away when she claimed she also failed to get copycat, knew she was telling the truth about her pick and don't think a scum that far down the list would have picked up Copycat.

    ##Vote: Othero
  • Whoops sorry forgot to bold

    ##Vote: Othero
  • went back to check the sk description and realized my reading comprehension needs work. 

    Vanilla Third Party

    You are a Vanilla Third Party Serial Killer! Every night you can choose to kill one (1) player. You are considered Town-aligned for the purposes of detective checks and are bulletproof at night. Your kills also go through bulletproof vests. Remember that the game is in draft phase and you get to pick a role. Don't forget to send in your numbers!

    You win when two or fewer members of the combined town/mafia remain to oppose you.

    So, yeah if an SK was in the game they would have won right now. Also we all seemed to miss that the SK would have been bullet proof so the plan you force scum into killing him was ill advised. Bullet dodged there.

  • PhoebusPhoebus tu fui, ego eris. Circumstances
    Literally all of us seemed to miss that. I'm pretty sure I can only read, like, half the time. So, there just...isn't any SK? I mean, I guess that makes the most sense, I just don't remember it being said that third party wasn't necessarily in the game at all. Huh. 

    Yeah, I think last scum is Othero. Seems like I was possibly right that Vivet knew Shaddus was the Mad Hatter and was trying to get us to kill ourselves on him. And she only would have known that Shaddus was the one who got it and not Othero, the other living person above her in the draft, if she knew what Othero's actual role was already. Othero was also generally reluctant to vote for Vivet, even once we absolutely knew she was mafia. 

    So, ##Vote: Othero
  • Yeah Vivet must have gone for mad hatter actually, but I was inclined to believe the day vig claim because mad hatter for SK made no sense.

    Irilla is tricksy 
  • Uh yeah, I don't think I can argue my way out of this one and my love of gambles messed me up again in mafia. I should of used the rickshaw to set up Shaddus as the lynch with a tie but I was convinced he had the bomb on me and Vivet.
    ##Vote Othero

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  • Woooo
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.
    (My first bomb was actually on Othero, and then Vivet, but I took off Othero's and put it on Falaeron. I -almost- took it back off and put it on othero last night. What are the odds?)
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Role List

    Tarkenton/Sylandra (1, 1) Town Inventor

    Arix (4, 13) Town Godfather

    Ellowyn (7, 10) Town Role Detective

    Tremula (8, 3) Town Inventor -> Vanilla

    Falaeron (10, 14) Town Bad Santa

    Dys (11, 6) Town Bad Santa -> Vanilla

    Shaddus (17, 4) Town Mad Hatter

    Kalikai (2, 1) Mafia Bad Santa -> Vanilla

    Silvanus (2, 13) Town Vote Detective

    Othero (5, 2) Mafia Prince of Darkness

    Phoebus (5, 11) Town Copycat

    Vivet (3, 4) Mafia Godfather -> Vanilla

    Fyler (3, 8) Town Copycat -> Vanilla

    Lehki (3, 15) Town Copycat -> Vanilla


    Actions List

    Day 1

    No one is lynched

    Falaeron chooses Phoebus, Kalikai, Vivet, and Fyler for Bad Santa's naughty list

    Tarkenton is replaced by Sylandra


    Night 1

    Mafia (Vivet) shoots Arix

    Othero causes a second Night phase

    Sylandra invents Lynch Rickshaw and gives it to Othero

    Arix chooses to appear as Town Godfather

    Shaddus places 1 bomb on Othero


    Night 1.5

    Mafia (Vivet) shoots Sylandra

    Sylandra invents Loyal Pet Doggo and gives it to Phoebus

    Phoebus becomes Godfather (Copycat)

    Shaddus places 1 bomb on Vivet


    Day 2

    Ellowyn is lynched


    Night 2

    Mafia (Vivet) shoots Dys

    Silvanus uses votecheck on Ellowyn's lynch list (2/6 are Mafia)


    Day 3

    Kalikai is lynched


    Night 3

    Mafia (Vivet) shoots Silvanus

    Falaeron chooses not to shoot Phoebus, Vivet, or Fyler

    Silvanus rolechecks Fyler (Vanilla)


    Day 4

    Tremula is lynched


    Night 4

    Mafia (Vivet) shoots Fyler

    Shaddus removes bomb on Othero and puts it on Falaeron


    Day 5

    Vivet is lynched

    Shaddus loses his bomb on Vivet


    Night 5

    Mafia (Othero) shoots Shaddus

    Shaddus sets off his bomb on Falaeron

    Falaeron chooses not to shoot Phoebus


    Day 6

    Othero is lynched

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  • First, I want to thank everyone for playing, and I appreciate your all being such good sports and so patient and willing to try out a new setup with a new host. Thank you for letting me run this game, though I'm sorry to have been such a lackluster host.

    I would like to apologize for my gaffes in hosting the game:

    1. I started signups for this game up too soon after Vivet's Very Vanilla game ended. I should have given everyone some time to recover and find time to play, and I fully intended to at first. But I was just so excited about running this format, and I got impatient.

    2. I gave the Mafia only three members instead of four, which made things a lot harder for them. I'm sorry, Mafia! I waffled on this decision for days. The extreme variability of roles in PYP means that games are almost impossible to truly balance, especially a mini game where one person can make a huge difference. I thought that three Mafia would be better for a high-powered game (specifically, if most of the Mafia got strong roles), but, especially with the way the roles turned out in this game, four Mafia would have been better.

    3. I also should have made the role-picking phase at the beginning of the game last 48 hours, not 24 hours, especially when both number-picking and role-picking phases happened on the weekend when people can often be busier than on a weekday.

    4. Speaking of roles, I probably should have kept the Alignment Detective, rather than replacing it with the Parity Detective (although I think the latter is much more interesting because it requires more analysis and patience), and added another killing role. I should also have cleared up what I think was a basic misunderstanding about role checks and the Role Detective. Role checks only tell you what role the target ended up with (e.g., "Vote Detective", "Jack of All Trades", "Vanilla", etc.); they don't get to know if the target is Town or Mafia. As such, Role Detective is weaker for Town than it may have seemed, because role information on its own doesn't give much insight into a player's alignment (although Role Detective is actually pretty good for the Mafia for sniffing out and sniping powerful Town roles).

    Now, I love Pick Your Power Mafia because it's so player-driven and based on player choices and decisions. This means it's very flexible and will change every time that you play it. Even if you include the same roles and setup every time, people will pick different numbers, request a different role, and post differently. As a player, I also enjoy being able to pick a role with powers that appeal to me and suit my playstyle, rather than being randomly assigned a role by the host.

    Unfortunately, the new information and mechanics seems to have left people confused or uninterested rather than inspired, which stifled activity rather than increasing it. (I did consider trying to spice up Day 1 by running a Mayor race rather than the usual lynch, but thought this might be too much new stuff in one game. I also considered a Night 0 like in Vivet's Very Vanilla game, but didn't want to mess with which roles could or couldn't do anything on Night 0.) I was hoping this game would be a breath of fresh air, but I don't think it turned out that way, for which I'm sorry. I know real life got in the way for several people too, which kept posting and activity levels down overall.

    In closing, thank you all again for participating in this game. Hopefully, the Day and Night posts were interesting to read. I hope that the game wasn't too terrible an experience for everyone and that the next game will give you all more of what you enjoy in Lusternia mafia. 

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  • I ALMOST took bulletproof, but I thought ok, I'm this high up, I can take whatever I want, so I'm going to hope Tarkenton isn't A) Mafia and/or B thinking the same as me, and take godfather to keep it away from mafia. I figured as high as I was the mafia would come after me so I wanted to make sure they wasted a kill whilst depriving them of a useful role
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    While it's still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd point out something from the post with the starting roles. This is at the very top of it, and is easy to miss:

    "... which may or may not include..."

    So there never was an assurance that there was an SK, and definitely indication that it was merely a possibility.

    I think I noticed this when I first read it, then promptly forgot, because in a game with 14 people it makes sense for there to only be mafia and town.

    But when Kalikai brought it up again I completely missed that little snippet, and then I just buckled down on the idea that we had to have some SK lurking around.

    But no, it doesn't end there!

    During the pick phase, when we were still picking out numbers, I made a PM about strongly considering dayvig and thought this was indication enough of what I wanted unless stated otherwise. Later on I wasn't around during the actual "pick role" phase and apparently Othero picked godfather for me without me realising it.

    So when the game started and I got notice that my role had already been taken, I was under the belief this meant dayvig, not godfather.

    So I played the entire game from the very start under the belief there was an unfriendly dayvig and bad santa active. Made me super passive as well as making it generally difficult to pick my aggressive moments.

    And when I brought up the whole dayvig serial killer thing, it wasn't meant to be some wild stunt - that was just what I thought was literally going on.

    I only learned about this when Shaddus revealed as mad hatter and I got around to asking Irillia why I didn't get my role.

    I don't really have anything else to say besides that. This game was a pure mess for me. Hopefully ya'll found it entertaining.

  • Two things I also enjoyed: THe godfather themed death scene, and the lynch rickshaw. That still makes me laugh
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    Most of the death flavour was pretty good tbh
  • PhoebusPhoebus tu fui, ego eris. Circumstances
    For those curious, the loyal pet doggo would've protected me from one mafia nightkill and alerted me to the fact that I'd been targeted. But I never got attacked, so I got to keep the dog forever and ever.
  • SylandraSylandra Join Queue for Mafia Games The Last Mafia Game
    I loved being inventor and was sorry I didn't get to make wackier stuff! </3 I was afraid of giving anyone anything too game-breaking or swingy (like a kill power or a detective power) when the game was still so new and we literally had no good information to go on. As such, "Lynch Rickshaw" and "Loyal Pet Doggo" were items I felt had good fail-safes to prevent too much danger should they enter mafia hands. Rickshaw couldn't sneak a vote for a mafia without a prior vote on a train, and doggo couldn't defend against town kills.

    I originally wanted to invent items that advertised as doing one thing but in reality did another, but @Irillia nixed any misleading item concepts, so boo. :( I also wanted to invent items that could be passed around from player to player every night but that was considered pushing the abilities of an Inventor too far (as Inventors are meant to create one-shot abilities). I might use some of these ideas for another game, though, so I am wary of posting them here in too much detail!

    PS: Shout-out to Arix, Othero, & co for inspiring the Lynch Rickshaw and Phoebus for inspiring the dog with her Death Road to Canada game. They weren't used, but I'm still happy they got to happen.
    Daraius said:
    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
  • Oh, if anyone is curious I totally messed up saying what my draft order was. I originally told everyone's Kalikai draft numbers because I had picked for her because she wasn't around during the start of the game. I then scrambled to lie instead of accidentally outing 2 mafia members on day 0.
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    Falaeron said:
    I don't think the lack of activity was really due to the game as much as it was to the timing.
    This is very true! My especial sympathies for @Ellowyn, who told me that she was gone early in the game because of an unexpected trip and she couldn't log into the forums on her phone. Thank you for trying anyway, considering that when you have to go on an unforeseen trip, a game of forum Mafia is surely the last thing on your mind, really. I did also see a few people at the beginning of the game who said they were confused or unclear about the game, which was why I thought the mechanics might have contributed too, but I agree that the timing was likely a bigger factor.

    I do want to thank everyone for doing their best this game despite the bad timing and most people being busy this time of year. Mafia's an intense game, so I appreciate you all at least showing interest in my nostalgic trip down memory-Mafia lane.
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  • I liked picking powers, it gives interesting extra information. It was just unfortunate that people were busy and didn't talk much, which made the days drag a bit.

    I liked the flavour and your posts, despite you saying it'd be flavourless!
  • I definitely enjoyed it! It was different and fun, it added some other variables in there. 

    Hindsight gave me some better ideas as to what I should have done draft/pick wise and even play wise.  I enjoyed it thoroughly @Irillia! Thank you for putting it together.

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