A Rave to Remember: A Star Named Ianir

Hi all,

I'm not one to rave excessively, but I think this one certainly deserves a lot of attention. Throughout this entire guild reformation, there has been one stalwart champion who not only bled his fingers into his keyboard to produce a thorough and extremely efficient platform for our new guilds, but who also kept an eerily close eye on every - single - one - of us to ensure that we were all following the same timeline for release. His coding was fast, clear, and incredibly agile (which would make more sense if you saw how often we begged for other things in the midst of his feverish typing). 

This has been one of the biggest and most game-changing events in the 11+ years I've played the game, and I want to make sure that he knows how thrilled we are with the outcome. To arms, Lusternia: let @Ianir know how happy we are to have such a decorated anomaly in the sky in a few words, a paragraph, a book, a home movie - whatever. 

Thank you, 100 times over, Ianir! You rock! :) 


  • Don't forget @Ianir with help from I assume @Kalikai has been spearheading the monk overhaul and dealing with the rivers and lakes of salt that that has created, and has done an amazing job of instituting fixes and our ideas, and improving on some. 100/10 to both of them, making Lusternia great every day.
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