Do we have any ingress players here?
Preferably resistance players but I'll befriend a frog if I need to.


  • Such a smurf thing to do, befriending frogs for evil plots. :p
  • It's not an evil plot! I'm just curious! :D
  • Go! Go! Resistance!!
  • On occasion. I haven't taken it up seriously yet.
  • I'll befriend a smurf if I have to...
  • Game still gets about 20+ hours a week from me. Love it. Played it for years. Even managed to get a few people from Lusternia playing!
    Discord: Pharanyx#4357
  • I haven't played in ages, but still have it on my phone. Viva la resistance!

    I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
    Atlantis is my client of choice! (Guide)
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