I'm home alone, getting so excited about the Rugby. Anyone else?
May or may not be bored...
Is also the Shintar.


  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark Australia
    Leo forced it on me, does that count?

  • KagatoKagato Auckland, New Zealand
    As strange as it may sound, I actually do not pay much attention to Rugby (*gasp* A kiwi that ISN'T obsessed with rugby?!?)

    Besides, whenever I'm stuck watching an Australia vs NZ match, if I'm asked which team I'm supporting, I can say "Whichever wins" and get away with it because I am half-australian, half-kiwi by birth (dad was born in Australia, mum was born in NZ)
    Never put passion before principle.  Even if you win, you lose.

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    If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor
    Why didn't they kick the penalty in last minute? Beale was off I know, but surely someone could have knocked it over.
  • Kagato said:
    because I am half-australian, half-kiwi by birth (dad was born in Australia, mum was born in NZ)
    My old man's from New South, and mum's from Auckland.
    Mum's nationalized Aussie now, because we(her children) gave her so much grief about living here longer than there, and she swore that she wouldn't give up two things: Hokey Pokey icecream and the All Blacks.
    They actually flew over from Perth to go see the game.
    Is also the Shintar.
  • <3 hokey pokey ice cream!

    I only watch some of these bigger events because my friends drag me into it :P

    Though managed to get the fever when NZ had the rugby world cup a few years ago...that sure was contagious!
  • The World Cup is always an exciting time, especially in my house.
    I won my family and my club rugby tipping competitions this year too, which was pretty alright.
    Is also the Shintar.
  • Lavinya said:
    Leo forced it on me, does that count?
    and you loved it!!


    06/30/2014 19:37 Silvanus channels the power of the Megalith of Doom for you, stripping you of your Vernal Ascendant status.......bastard!!

  • Well, the second one's finished.

    The point difference does not, at least in my opinion, represent the difference between the teams, although the win went how I expected it, I'm not happy with my team's performance.

    Many a talking point created around the house.
    Is also the Shintar.
  • What a game!
    Is also the Shintar.
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