Politics and Religion

Does anyone play Eve Online religiously? If so, what's your political/faction affiliation?

I love the idea of ship-to-ship combat but also the sandbox concept. 
I hear the PvP is the dopest and I'm downloading it right now.


  • I would play it if I had the money. And if finals also weren't coming up next week. Hnng. 

    I used to prefer the Gallente or the...um...the...  ....the blue faction with the shields, the megacorporation one. Because Incursus and Merlin da bess.
  • Amarr Victor. May God grant Emperor Doriam II peace.

    In other news, you can train any ship class. Starting faction only really gives you two things: a leg up on the basic training, and easier access to Faction Warfare due to not having to fly across half of New Eden to reach the empire you want to fight for.
  • I don't play much anymore these days, but I'm an Angel Cartel loyalist. Had my own roleplaying corporation and alliance which had some moderate success, as well as a rather well-known blog :) 

    Do get into PvP. There are so many ways to go about it. I really suggest looking at Agony Unleashed or Open University of Celestial Hardships if you want groups that specialize in combat teaching. The latter is 0.0 focused, Agony is more lowsec I think. And there is of course always EVE University, or Red versus Blue if you like the eternal war concept. But you might just as well join a roleplaying group, or even factional warfare. There is really tons to do. It's a bit like Lusternia, except richer in variety and with more expended PVE. LIke if you were to hate PVP there is so much PVE to do you can fill your entire online life with that and still not do everything. This is why it is my longest running MMO and has totally shattered WoW's previous record :) 
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